Testing Divn launched

Due to extended requests for utilising our test facilities Force announce the opening of the Integra comprehensive suite of Test Equipment available now in the EMEA. Force Technologies the exclusive Service provider and Partner the EMEA region. First fasitilies oferred is the comprehensive RF test station, enabling testing to 50GHz and beyond.

ADC, ASIC Transceiver, DDS, Clock Generator with FanoutBuffers, T/R Switch, RF Isolator, Direct Digital Synthesizer, Quadrature Modulator, Logarithmic Amplifier, Dual Differential Mux, RF Amplifier, Frequency Divider, ASIC, Receiver, Direct Conversion Tuner, Mixer, Voltage Variable Attenuator, Frequency Synthesizer, SPDT Switch, RF Amplifier, Differential 1:4 LVPECL Fanout Buffer, ASIC VCO, WiFi Transceiver, Clock Driver, LVPECL Fanout Buffer, RF Mixer, 1:16 Deserializer, 1.5W RF Amplifier.