Chip & Wire

Chip & Wire enables die to be positioned and secured on any of the base substrates shown below. The base material selected depends upon enviromental requirements.

We can offer Aluminium Wedge or Gold ball bonding.

Baseplate Material
  • FR4 Laminates, including flex-rigid.
  • Alumina or other Metallised ceramics.
  • Ceramic packages and lidding for component obsolescence and high temperature requirements
  • Carbon Fibre.
  • Aluminium Backed & Direct Bonded Copper.
  • Thick Film & Thin Film.
  • Polyimide rigid and flexible circuits.

This enables Force to continiue to support and package obsolete semiconductors as well as packaging modern ic types. including ASIC’s MEM’s, Micro,s Memories and LED’s. Otions on connections other than BGA can be  offered including castleated gold edge connections or QFP leads. Chip & wire is idea for miniturisation  in single or multi chip configurations at low NRE cost

Ball sizes range from 0.2mm-0.8mm as standard but we can incorporate any size with Tin/lead, Lead,(Pb) SAC305, Bismouth, HMT solders, solder balls.

Glob Top

Wire bonded chip (in most of the cases)  is fully encapsulated using an epoxy adhesive. The package has a domed surface.
In cases where the chip is relatively thick , it is recommended to use Dam and Fill method. which is full encapsulation that is achieved in a 2 steps process. On the first step a Dam is created around the bonded bare die. The second step includes filling of the to complete the encapsulation.

RoHs Compliance.

By sourcing bare die bare Force can offer custom BGA designs that are both RoHS and RoHS2. compliant, Now a legal EU law requirement without any exemptions. Bare die is stored in Nitrogen for future use.

Cost saving

Considerable cost saving in NRE can be achied by using Chip & Wire on a suitable package/base  design and setup over Hermetic Ceramic packaging.

Our services encompasses the entire process, from design validation, through the prototypes development and onto successfully assembling the product, in the volume and at the pace your business requires. ideal for low and medium volume applications..