Authenticare™ Ensuring Product Specification

One aspect that is concerning all sectors of the electronics manufacturing industry at this time is the prevalence of counterfeit components finding their way onto the production lines of the high specification industries.

Force Technologies Ltd have an answer to some of these problems by the use of theirAuthenticareTM product verification process.  This process can identify rogue products and ensure continued production of equipment, from simple detection to 100% parametric confidence over all temperatures. The testing and verification policy offers up to 6 levels of parametric & mechanical authentication.

There is no doubt that counterfeit, damaged or faulty product threatens the procurement process, often delays production schedules and in many cases can affect equipment performance in the field. Counterfeits are becoming harder to detect; scrap die is used to pass x-ray tests, whilst packaging and marking often passes initial visual examination but hides the real facts about the products provenance.

Force Technologies Ltd has been supporting the electronics industry with component supply, sourcing and latterly remanufactured semiconductors for over 25 years now. During that time the business has shifted from a pretty standard distributor to a specialist in solving the problem of component obsolescence. This will be of particular interest for those companies involved in the hi-technology fields such as Space, Aerospace and Military markets but also has relevance to the manufacturers of long life equipment such as medical, heavy industrial and medical equipment.