Atmel AT28C16 EEPROM Remanufactured from Original Die

Force Technologies are the sole source of original die to remanufacture the popular Atmel AT28C16 EEPROM in the package of your choice.

The Atmel AT28C16 is a low-power, high-performance Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory with easy to use features. It is a 16K memory organised as 2,048 words by 8 bits (16K (2K x 8) Parallel EEPROM). The device is manufactured utilising Atmel’s reliable nonvolatile CMOS technology.

The Atmel AT28C16 has additional features to ensure high quality and manufacturability and utilises error correction internally for extended endurance and for improved data retention characteristics. An extra 32 bytes of EEPROM are available for device identification or tracking.

The remanufactured part is available to order now using the Force Technologies part number FT28C16.