Time to tackle counterfeit electronic components

Latest estimates on the scale of the counterfeit electronic component problem indicate that they account for at least 2% of global sales revenues, around $6.2bn or 1 in 50 of every component sold.

The manufacturing of counterfeit electronic components for military and avionics applications is primarily carried out by a multitude of small China based organisations, however the last few years have seen the rise of large well established counterfeiters throughout Asia.

The problem of counterfeit electronic components is inevitably migrating towards the western worlds manufacturing infrastructure through the global network of unauthorised distributors and brokers and threatens to cause severe problems in our industrial, medical and transport sectors, where we need and expect a much longer in-service life than in the consumer products sector.

The New Year resolution for all western-based electronics organisations must be to take decisive measures to avoid sourcing counterfeit electronic components by ensuring that they only buy electronic components direct from the manufacturer, from an authorised distributor or another well established, known and trusted source, and that there is full traceability back to the manufacturing source.