Aerospace diodes and transistors

Force Technologies can provide virtually any diode or transistor for your aerospace application, critical testing and design support. Equivalents which conform to JAN, JANTX or JANTXV screening are possible.


A large range of products for obsolete aerospace applications is available, including: varactor diodes, TVS diodes, Tuning diodes, abrupt diodes, hyperabrupt diodes, Microwave, Zener diodes and rectifier diodes.

We manufacture in glass, ceramic and surface mount SOT, SOD and MELF packages. Custom specifications are available, as are the options for SnPb or Pb-free (lead-free) finishes.


Available aerospace transistors include small signal transistors, Darlington transistors, high voltage transistors and high power transistors (to 300 Watts). Screening options include PIND, B.I. (up to 100A) and environmental testing. We offer standard and custom packaging for obsolete parts. Devices manufactured and tested to the highest aerospace specifications. Group A/B/C/D testing is available as an option, as are SnPb or Pb-free finishes.

FT P/N Generic Size Org Memory Speed Description Alt P/N 1 Alt P/N 2 Alt P/N 3 Info
FT9220 9220 Mosfet IRFC9220
2N4392 2N4392 V Channel FET 2N4392
FT2110 2110 N Channel Mosfet ZVN2110
FT0610 610 Mosfet UP0610
2N4393 2N4393 N Channel JFET 2N4393
2N5432 2N5432 Mosfet 2N5432
2N4858 2N4858 FET 2N4858
FT150 150 Hexfet IRFC150
FTG20 G20 Hexfet IRFCG20
FT240 240 Hexfet IRFC240
FT250 250 Hexfet IRFC250
FT260N 260N Hexfet IRFC260N
FT420 420 Hexfet IRFC420
FT430 430 Hexfet IRFC430
FT450 450 Mosfet IRFC450
2N6782 2N6782 100V vds N channel FET 2N6782
2N6796 2N6796 Hexfet 2N6796
2N6845 2N6845 Hexfet 2N6845
2N6851 2N6851 Hexfet 2N6851
FT7301 7301 Hexfet IRFC7301
FT9024 9024 Hexfet IRFC9024
FT9034 9034 Hexfet IRFC9034
FT9110 9110 Hexfet IRFC9110
FT9120 9120 Hexfet IRFC9120
FT9130 9130 Hexfet IRFC9130
FT9140 9140 Hexfet IRFC9140
FT9210 9210 Hexfet IRFC9210
FT2713ANK5U 2713ANK5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT2713BNK5U 2713BNK5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT2713CNK5U 2713CNK5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT2713DSH5U 2713DSH5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT2713ESH5U 2713ESH5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT2713FSH5U 2713FSH5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT2713KSH5U 2713KSH5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT2713LSH5U 2713LSH5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT1129BSH5U 1129BSH5U Transistor Pair
FT1129BNL5U 1129BNL5U Transistor Pair
FT1129BNK5U 1129BNK5U Transistor Pair
FT2173ASH5U 2173ASH5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT2173BSH5U 2173BSH5U Transistor Pair SA2713
FT014 14 Hexfet IRFC014
FT024 24 Hexfet IRFC024
FT034 34 Hexfet IRFC034
FT110 110 Hexfet IRFC110
FT120 120 Hexfet IRFC120
FT130 130 Hexfet IRFC130
FT140 140 Hexfet IRFC140
FT20N50 20N50 500V Transistor MOSFET MTW20N50
FT25N50 25N50 500V Transistor MOSFET MTW25N50
FT8N50 8N50 500V Transistor MOSFET MTW8N50
FT10N10 10N10 100V Transistor MOSFET MTP10N10
FT4N80 4N80 800V Transistor MOSFET MTW4N80
FT6N100 6N100 1KV Transistor MOSFET MTW6N100
FT7N80 7N80 800V Transistor MOSFET MTW7N80
FT10N40 10N40 400V Transistor MOSFET MTW10N40
FT14N50 14N50 500V Transistor MOSFET MTW14N50
FT15N25 15N25 250V Transistor MOSFET MTW15N25
FT16N40 16N40 400V Transistor MOSFET MTW16N40
FT22N20 22N20 200V Transistor MOSFET MTW22N20
FT23N25 23N25 250V Transistor MOSFET MTW23N25
FT24N40 24N40 400V Transistor MOSFET MTW24N40
FT26N15 26N15 150V Transistor MOSFET MTW26N15
FT32N20 32N20 200V Transistor MOSFET MTW32N20
FT33N10 33N10 100V Transistor MOSFET MTW33N10
FT35N15 35N15 150V Transistor MOSFET MTW35N15
FT36N10 36N10 100V Transistor MOSFET MTW36N10
FT45N10 45N10 100V Transistor MOSFET MTW45N10
FT26N50 26N50 500V Transistor MOSFET MTM26N50
FT30N50 30N50 500V Transistor MOSFET MTM30N50
FT474 474 450V Transistor MOSFET MTM474
FT564 564 350V Transistor MOSFET MTM564
FT1N45 1N45 450V Transistor MOSFET MTP1N45
FT1N55 1N55 550V Transistor MOSFET MTP1N55
FT1N80 1N80 800V Transistor MOSFET MTP1N80
FT1N100 1N100 1KV Transistor MOSFET MTP1N100
FT2N25 2N25 250V Transistor MOSFET MTP2N25
FT2N40 2N40 400V Transistor MOSFET MTP2N40
FT2N60 2N60 600V Transistor MOSFET MTP2N60
FT3N40 3N40 400V Transistor MOSFET MTP3N40
FT3N80 3N80 800V Transistor MOSFET MTP3N80
FT4N35 4N35 350V Transistor MOSFET MTP4N35
FT4N85 4N85 850V Transistor MOSFET MTP4N85
FT5N35 5N35 350V Transistor MOSFET MTP5N35
FT5N40 5N40 400V Transistor MOSFET MTP5N40
FT6N55 6N55 550V Transistor MOSFET MTP6N55
FT5N95 5N95 950V Transistor MOSFET MTH5N95
FT6N60 6N60 600V Transistor MOSFET MTH6N60
FT7N45 7N45 450V Transistor MOSFET MTH7N45
FT8N40 8N40 400V Transistor MOSFET MTH8N40
FT13N50 13N50 500V Transistor MOSFET MTH13N50
FT15N35 15N35 350V Transistor MOSFET MTH15N35
FT20N15 20N15 150V Transistor MOSFET MTH20N15
FT30N20 30N20 200V Transistor MOSFET MTH30N20
FT1N95 1N95 950V Transistor MOSFET MTM1N95
FT2N45 2N45 450V Transistor MOSFET MTM2N45
FT3N35 3N35 350V Transistor MOSFET MTM3N35
FT4N45 4N45 450V Transistor MOSFET MTM4N45
FT5N55 5N55 550V Transistor MOSFET MTM5N55
FT6N80 6N80 800V Transistor MOSFET MTM6N80
FT7N50 7N50 500V Transistor MOSFET MTM7N50
FT8N55 8N55 550V Transistor MOSFET MTM8N55
FT10N25 10N25 250V Transistor MOSFET MTM10N25
FT15N40 15N40 400V Transistor MOSFET MTM15N40
FT24N45 24N45 450V Transistor MOSFET MTM24N45
1N5927 1N5927 Zener diode 1N5927
1N5301 1N5301 Current limiter diode 1N5301
1N5302 1N5302 Zener reference diode 1N5302
1N5711 1N5711 Small signal schottky 1N5711
1N827 1N827 Zener reference diode 1N827
1N829 1N829 Voltage reference diode 1N829
FT3045H 3045 Diode CA3045H
1N751A 1N751A Zener diode 1N751A
1N914 1N914 Fast Diode 1N914
1N4148 1N4148 Fast Diode 1N4148
FT55C10 55C10 Zener diode BCX55C10
FT55C15 55C15 Zener diode BCX55C15
FT55C3V3 55C3V3 Zener diode BCX55C3V3
FT55C5V6 55C5V6 Zener diode BCX55C5V6
FT55C6V8 55C6V8 Zener diode BCX55C6V8
FT55C8V2 55C8V2 Zener diode BCX55C8V2
1N963B 1N963B Zener diode 1N963B
1N3070 1N3070 Fast Diode 1N3070
1N3595 1N3595 Fast Diode 1N3595
1N4448 1N4448 Fast Diode 1N4448
1N3823 1N3823 Zener diode 1N3823
1N4101 1N4101 Zener diode 1N4101
1N4461 1N4461 Zener diode 1N4461
1N4466 1N4466 Zener diode 1N4466
1N4471 1N4471 Zener diode 1N4471
1N4575 1N4575 Zener diode 1N4575
1N4624 1N4624 Zener diode 1N4624
1N4150 1N4150 Small Switching Diode CE1N4150
1N825A 1N825 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N825A
1N825A-2 1N825 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N825A-2
1N827A-2 1N827 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N827A-2
1N936A 1N936 Zener Diode CD1N936A
1N965B 1N965 DI Zener Diode CD1N965B
1N967B 1N967 Zener Diode CD1N967B
1N968B 1N968 Zener Diode CD1N968B
1N970B 1N970 Small Switching Diode CD1N970B
FT1301 1301 Switching Diode Chip CDCZ-1301
1N914/1 1N914/1 Switching Diode Chip CE1N914/1
FT1611 1611 Schottky diode array UC1611
1N4005 1N4005 Rectifier 1N4005
1N4946 1N4946 Fast Recovery Rectifier 1N4946
1N5554 1N5554 Standard Recovery Axial Rectifier 1N5554
FT5711 5711 Schottky Barrier Rectifier CD1N5711
FT5819 5819 Schottky Barrier Rectifier M01C5819
FT2106 2106 FET photo diode ZVN2106
1N5305 1N5305 DI Current Regulator Diode CD1N5305
1N5305/2 1N5305 DI Current Regulator Diode CD1N5305/2
1N5310 1N5310 DI Current Regulator Diode CD1N5310
1N5353B 1N5353 Zener Diode CD1N5353B
1N5375B 1N5375 Zener Diode CD1N5375B
1N5518B 1N5518 Low Leakage Zener Diode CD1N5518B
1N5521B 1N5521 Low Leakage Zener Diode CD1N5521B
1N5524B 1N5524 Low Leakage Zener Diode CD1N5524B
1N5525B 1N5525 Low Leakage Zener Diode CD1N5525B
1N5529B 1N5529 Low Leakage Zener Diode CD1N5529B
1N5530B 1N5530 Low Leakage Zener Diode CD1N5530B
1N5532B 1N5532 Low Leakage Zener Diode CD1N5532B
1N5712 1N5712 DI Switching Diode CD1N5712
1N6676 1N6676 DI Zener Diode CD1N6676
1N757A-1 1N757 DI Zener Ref Diode CD1N757A-1
1N821 1N821 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N821
1N821A-1 1N821 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N821A-1
1N821A-2 1N821 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N821A-2
1N823A-2 1N823 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N823A-2
1N4756A 1N4756 Zener Diode 47V CD1N4756A
1N4770 1N4770 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4770
1N5221 1N5221 DI Zener Diode CD1N5221
1N5231 1N5231 DI Zener Diode MM25X25 CD1N5231
1N5231B 1N5231 DI Zener Diode CD1N5231B
1N5232 1N5232 DI Zener Diode CD1N5232
1N5233B 1N5233 DI Zener Diode CD1N5233B
1N5234B 1N5234 DI Zener Diode CD1N5234B
1N5236B 1N5236 DI Zener Diode CD1N5236B
1N5238 1N5238 DI Zener Diode CD1N5238
1N5239B 1N5239 DI Zener Diode CD1N5239B
1N5243B 1N5243 DI Zener Diode CD1N5243B
1N5246B 1N5246 DI Zener Diode CD1N5246B
1N5247B 1N5247 DI Zener Diode CD1N5247B
1N5248D 1N5248 DI Zener Diode 1% CD1N5248D
1N5256B 1N5256 DI Zener Diode CD1N5256B
1N5270B 1N5270 DI Zener Ref Diode CD1N5270B
1N5284 1N5284 DI Current Regulator Diode CD1N5284
1N5284-5% 1N5284 5%Tolerance Regulator Diode CD1N5284-5%
1N5299 1N5299 DI Current Regulator Diode CD1N5299
1N4567A 1N4567 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4567A
1N4567A-2 1N4567 Zener Diode 6.4V CD1N4567A-2
1N4570A-2 1N4570 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4570A-2
1N4571A-2 1N4571 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4571A-2
1N4572A-1 1N4572 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4572A-1
1N4572A-2 1N4572 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4572A-2
1N4573A-2 1N4573 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4573A-2
1N4574A-2 1N4574 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4574A-2
1N4575A-2 1N4575 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4575A-2
1N4578A-2 1N4578 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4578A-2
1N4579A-2 1N4579 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4579A-2
1N4583A-2 1N4583 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4583A-2
1N4620 1N4620 Zener Voltage Regulator Diode CD1N4620
1N4696D 1N4696 Zener-Diode CD1N4696D
1N4729A 1N4729 DI 1 Watt Zener Diode CD1N4729A
1N4729A/2 1N4729 DI 1 Watt Zener Diode CD1N4729A/2
1N4732A 1N4732 DI 1 Watt Zener Diode CD1N4732A
1N4746A 1N4746 DI Zener Diode CD1N4746A
1N4750A 1N4750 DI 1 Watt Zener Diode CD1N4750A
1N4753A 1N4753 DI 1 Watt Zener Diode CD1N4753A
1N5811 1N5811 DI Diode BKC1N5811
1N6642 1N6642 DI Diode BKC1N6642
1N746A 1N746 DI Zener Diode BKC1N746A
1N747A 1N747 DI Zener Diode BKC1N747A
1N748A 1N748 DI Zener Diode BKC1N748A
1N752A 1N752 DI Zener Diode BKC1N752A
1N759A 1N759 Zener Diode BKC1N759A
1N2810 1N2810 DI 12 Volt Zener Diode CD1N2810
1N3822A 1N3822 Zener Diode CD1N3822A
1N4099 1N4099 DI Zener Diode (Square Bond Pad) CD1N4099D/1
1N4100 1N4100 Zener Diode CD1N4100
1N4106 1N4106 DI Zener Diode CD1N4106
1N4108 1N4108 Zener Diode CD1N4108
1N4110 1N4110 DI Zener Diode CD1N4110
1N4565-2 1N4565 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4565-2
1N4566A 1N4566 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4566A
1N4566A-2 1N4566 DI Temp Comp Zener Ref Diode CD1N4566A-2