Programmable Logic

Force Technologies maintain a viable stock of Wafer & die for EPLD,CPLD devices which we manufacture to Mil-prf-38535 and test to Mil-Std-883 M5004. We also test lower grade packaged parts to higher grades using recognised testing procedures and accelerated reliabilty programs. from simple gates to complex CPLD’s.  Manufacturers include  Atmel, AMD, Altera, Texas Instruments. Product types are available in standard and custom packages. Devices can be supplied in Reprogrammable or OTP configurations. SNPb or Pb free are also available options. COTS devices to higher aerospace requirements or Manufactured using OEM specifications are also available.

FT P/N Generic Size Org Memory Speed Description Alt P/N 1 Alt P/N 2 Alt P/N 3 Info
FT37512 37512 EPLD CY37512
FT22V10 22V10 EPLD AT22V10 TICPAL22V10 PALC22V10H
FTV750 750 EPLD ATV750
FTF750 750 EEPLD ATF750
FTV2500L 2500L EPLD ATV2500L PLV2500L
FTF2500 2500 EEPLD ATF2500L
FTV5000 5000 EPLD ATV5000 PLV5000