Custom Interface

Many Obsolete Interface Devices have been emulated by Force over the past 10 years, enabling legacy equipment to continue to be supplied to end users. By using an extensive library of IP cores or by re-introducing otherwise dis-continued masks we have managed to reproduce devices that are FFF to the original OEM or close enough to be acceptable to the project. These devices are manufactured using Mil-prf-38535 and tested to many various specifications. Parts are available in SnPb or Pb free.

FT P/N Generic Size Org Memory Speed Description Alt P/N 1 Alt P/N 2 Alt P/N 3 Info
FTVIC068 VIC068 Bus Controller VIC068 Download Data sheet...
FT9995 9995 9995
FTVIC64 VIC64 Bus Controller VIC64 Download Data sheet...
FT6303 6303
FT6802 6802
FT7C964A 7C964A Bus Controller CY7C964A Download Data sheet...
FT7C960A 7C960A Bus Controller CY7C960A Download Data sheet...
FT7C961 7C961 Avaliable IP Core CY7C961
FT68981 68981 Avaliable IP Core
FT68263 68263 Avaliable IP Core
FT681 681 Avaliable IP Core
FT82C81 82C81 Avaliable IP Core
FT85C30 85C30 Avaliable IP Core
FT85C230 85C230 Avaliable IP Core
FT72001 72001 Avaliable IP Core