Oil & Gas

As the Oil and Gas Industry is forced into ever deeper wells the temperature requirements for electronics increases alongside the demand for more detailed signal conditioning, data capture, and processing in applications like measurement while drilling (MWD) or logging while drilling (LWD).

To help meet this demand for extreme temperature semiconductors, Force Technologies are producing and characterising a line of parts that can support applications from the down hole tools that find and extract oil and gas to heavy industrial processing that acquire sensor data and provide actuation in the worlds harshest environments.

These components eliminate the need for costly up-screening of standard industrial and military temperature parts, by providing extensively qualified components rated for greater than 175°C operation.


  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Industrial control
  • Medical
  • Autoclaves
  • Jet engine sensor management
  • And many more…

View our oil and gas semiconductor products below and contact your Force Technologies representative if you require a custom-engineered solution for your extreme temperature application.



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