Artist's view of the configuration of Ariane 6 using four boosters A64
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Working to specific Bills Of Materials, Force Technologies Ltd. undertakes destructive physical analysis (DPA) testing and screening to ensure delivery of EEE certified components for Satellites and Space Craft. Force are pleased to represent major Space Companies as their approved CPPA. From Relay testing to advanced Semiconductors. Testing to our Space flows or to customer SOW’s (Statement of Works) documentation, we can assure compliance to any level required.

The Force skill set can be directly applied to Pro-active Management and resolution of EEE Component Sourcing, which is a major problem for the Space industry.

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Class B and Class S Processing Differences

Historically military applications have utilised ceramic packaged microcircuits assembled and screened to either Class Level B or Class Level S (Space Level) as defined by MIL-STD-883 Method 5004 with Quality Conformance Inspection performed in accordance with MIL-STD-883 Method 5005. If requirements for radiation hardened performance are ignored, the differences between Class B and Class S microcircuits are screening and lot acceptance.

Force Technologies produces Type Q microcircuits as non-conforming Class B only. The practice of “up screening” microcircuits from Class B to Class S is understood to be fully at the risk of the buyer.  Force Technologies will not be responsible for any component or system failure due to the misapplication of its products and may not warrant components subjected to Class S “up screening.”



Force Technologies Ltd. is ISO-9001:2000(8) certified and AS9100 accredited. SC21 imminent. Our testing services are compliant or in accordance with all industry standards. More