Product Sectors

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Working to specific bills of materials, Force Technologies Ltd. undertakes destructive physical analysis (DPA) testing and up-screening to ensure delivery of EEE certified components for for satellites and space craft. More


The defence sector demands the highest levels of product reliability and we certify all our semiconductors. Maintaining a sustainable supply of reliable legacy products is vital for use in military applications. More


We are a trusted manufacturing supplier of semiconductors to clients in the aerospace industry. We offer sustainable, cost effective solutions to obsolescence to manufacturers of control systems, engine management systems, braking systems and ground-based equipment. More


We provide support to clients in industry with our comprehensive component and materials authentication processes; Force Technologies Ltd. supplies obsolete semiconductors for integration with control systems in such sectors as Automotive, Instrumentation & Control. More


We understand the need for reliability in the commercial sector; Force Technologies Ltd. fulfils requirements for reliable, legacy components used in everyday items such as, consumer goods, IT equipment, gaming machines, and metering systems. More