Re-Working (Mechanical)

Force Technologies offers a number of standard and custom mechanical re-working services, to existing or damaged components.

Re-working or modifying components to meet the original or specific, new mechanical specification is a cost-effective way of managing the availability of obsolete semiconductors and electronic components, such as microprocessors, Linear, Memory, discrete devices for clients in aerospace, space and military sectors. Force Technologies has managed ball-attach and de-balling and re-balling services. Using Laser or Sigma6 techniques.

We provide options for conversion of solder spheres between lead-free and tin-lead (Sn63Pb37 or Sn10Pb90) and customer returned products can be re-balled in readiness for use in existing products.

Clients can choose high or low production volumes and automated lines manage the de-ball/sphere placement/reflow process.

Component lead alignment for semiconductor packages such as Quad Flat Package (QFP), Dual In-line Package (DIL) and Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)  is performed under a controlled environment and reworked to standards suitable for machine placement.

We perform qualification testing that measures acoustic microscopy, ionic cleanliness and ball shear.

Force Technologies Ltd. operates to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant working practices and applications which include:

Force Technologies Ltd. can, where appropriate, offer taping & reeling services. All batches are taped to EIA standards and are tested for peel strength. We have a vast capacity for producing tape & reel according to your specific requirements.

High quality materials ensure a strong pocket formation and our in-house YAG laser engraving ensures clear identification and quality control.