Plastic encapsulated microcircuits (PEMs) are becoming widely accepted in  avionics, telecommunications, military and space applications due to the advantages offered in size, weight, cost and availability. Relplas helps to address this change in the industry.

Force Technologies continues its service offering to government and military contractors who are now using plastic encapsulated microcircuits (PEMs) in board designs in place of MIL-PRF-38535 or MIL-STD-883 hermetic packages.

Force Technology’s screening options respond to any reliability issues. The mil-plastic test screening, Relplas test flow, available via approved vendors, upgrades commercial and industrial grade products with extended testing to qualify for military applications.

Relplas™ offers lower cost, low-weight options for COTS ICs with improved specifications over the standard of equivalent components.

Force Technologies uses established quality approved OEM’s for manufacture and qualified screening techniques making Relplas™ devices commercially available. Donor parts are subject to the intense Goods Inward Inspection Process.


Destructive Physical Analysis

Destructive physical analysis sample testing is performed to exacting specifications, ensuring high reliability of components and devices that are fabricated to a required standard.

Analysis collects data to help determine any items that may function out of original spec thus preventing rejection of entire lots. Screening identifies:

  • Exact construction
  • Composition
  • Quality of materials/components contained

Typical destructive physical analysis can include:

  • External visual inspection – to assess overall exterior quality and workmanship.
  • Real Time X-Ray Inspection – non-destructive detection of internal defects
  • Particle Impact Noise Detection – to detect loose particles inside a device cavity.
  • Hermetic and Internal Vapour Analysis – to quantify package integrity & internal atmosphere; methods may be used to gauge sealing processes or internal post-seal out gassing to prevent susceptibility to moisture-related failures.
  • Internal Visual Inspection via Optical Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) – to evaluate the quality of passivation, metallisation and other die related components.
  • Glassivation Layer Integrity – to assess the structural quality of deposited dielectric films over aluminium metallised devices.
  • Bond Strength – to measure wire bond strengths and evaluate bond strength distributions.

Device Characterisation

Device characterisation helps to meet ever-more stringent demands for device reliability.

Characterisation of integrated circuits begins with serialised electronic testing techniques to identify operational characteristics. These are compared with existing Gold Standard parameters detailed in OEM documentation. Once batch test results are within specific characteristics, the process of device characterisation is complete; the process can then move onto production test or report.

Force Technologies Ltd. offers extensive device characterisation and reliability data through serialisation monitoring and reporting.


When specialist grade semiconductors come to their end of life or become obsolete, a variant may be commercially available. Upscreening (sometimes written up-screening) a commercial or industrial part to a higher specification or indeed screening  a military temperature grade part to Mil-Std-883 M5004 offers a viable, cost effective, sustainable solution.

Upscreening follows a process of evaluation that requires highly skilled engineering; Ceramic, Metal Can or plastic packaged devices undergo a wide range of electrical and environmental tests (including Burn in and Enviromental tests) to establish quality & long-term reliability.

  • Available variant components sourced
  • Military grade tests include MIL-STD-883 M5004
  • Sustainable solution to obsolescence

From our UK, purpose-built facility and using our in-house resources and/or our network of authorised manufacturing partners, Force Technologies delivers a fully managed solution to obsolescence of military & space certified semiconductors.

Upscreening services from Force Technologies ensure the availability of aftermarket, obsolete components. All products are certified fit form function for your peace of mind. All donor parts are subject to the rigorous Force Technologies Goods Inward Inspection Process.