Assembly, packaging and test for the re-creation of obsoleted replacements

Force Technologies offers complete turnkey IC packaging services for custom, high-performance and high-reliability microelectronics. This includes a full range of design, manufacturing, and test services for a many applications. Our turnkey services are supported by our 33 years  of experience with a variety of IC assembly technologies including: die attach (solder, epoxy and eutectic), hermetic device packaging, Ball Grid Array (BGA), QFN, DFN, Chip Scale Package (CSP), and Ceramic leadless Chip Carrier (CLCC).

We help customers introduce new replecement products to market in the fastest time possible by providing high quality, quick-turn assembly. We support low and high volume production from our sub-contractor facilities.

Force Technologies Ltd. ensures continued support and quality of build for obsolete semiconductors, (microprocessors, Linear, memory, opto,analog  and discrete devices), through our access to a wide range of original manufacturers’ assembly, testing and custom package designs.

We use detailed information from original manufacturers and 33 years of experience in re-creation, assembly and testing, to supply high quality, reliable, replacements to obsolete components. SCD (Source Control Documents), created by Force Technologies or customers, or comprehensive data sheets give Parametric and Mechanical assurance.


Using our in-house capabilities and DESC approved partners we facilitate compliance to mechanical and environmental standards; all components are assembled, tested and packaged under MIL-STD conditions. Clients in commercial, industrial, aerospace, military and space sectors can rely on Force Technologies. All elements are fully evaluated and semiconductors are assembled within closely controlled processes, using Qualified Manufacturing Lines, (QML) or DESC approved assembly therefore giving 100% quality assurance.


A vast range of packaged die options are available from Force Technologies means continued support for diminished source or end of life components.  Bare die or wafer are lot qualified or can be probed over temperature and meet MIL-STD-883 standards. Die and wafers can be re-engineered and re-manufactured to original package designs or to cater for specific requirements lead-free or green standards.

  • Vast range of packaged die options
  • Accordance  with  MIL-STD-883 standards
  • Original or specific manufacture designs
  • Laser marked for Military, Space, Aerospace, Industrial
  • Large range of package configurations including custom types

NEW Chip & Wire solutions.

Miniturisation and low cost for low to medium volumes can now be achieved using Chip & Wire bonding direct onto various substrates.

Once the design / ball soldering operation is complete, it is then is processed  for all die and wire bonding using aluminium wedge, gold wedge or gold ball wire bonding depending on the technology required. Once wirebonded and tested, the assembly is then able to be encapsulated using dam & fill glob top technologies. Device types range from die having a single bond wire up to 750 wires / die and in some instances on COB devices up to 1000 wires / assembly. Furthermore when combined with our extensive SMT & test capability, Force can offer a total product solution. more

All devices are fully evaluated and semiconductors are assembled within closely controlled processes, using Qualified Manufacturing Lines, or approved assembly therefore giving 100% quality assurance by our contractors to ISO9001, ISO13485 and AS9100


Both in-house and contract partners’ test facilities, enables the use of an extensive list of testing methods and techniques to provide a comprehensive range of electrical, and environmental testing, for all types of semiconductors, (microprocessors, Linear, memory, discrete & opto devices). Clients can opt for original manufacturer-approved testing programs (where available) or tailored test programs to ensure quality assurance and form, fit and function.

Force facilitates the COMPLETE solution from concept to final production ic. Mitigating all processes in between. A 100% solution to obsolescence.