Working within the AS5553 standard, our product verification program, Authenticare™ offers clients protection from counterfeit or grey market semiconductors and electronic components, such as microprocessors, linear, memory and discrete devices.

Counterfeit Semiconductors

Counterfeit, used, damaged or faulty product threatens the procurement process. Manufacturers will not support devices, production fails to meet demand, and devices are potentially more expensive in the longer term.

Counterfeits are becoming harder to detect. Scrap die is used to pass X-ray tests, whilst packaging and marking often passes initial examination. Procurement processes and supply chains are threatened due to:

  • Counterfeits becoming harder to detect
  • Lower grade products emulating higher grade items
  • Non-FFF over temperature compliant

Goods Inwards Inspection Process

Force Technologies Ltd uses its in-house developed 80 point Goods Inwards Inspection Process for all incoming goods, including customer owned goods.

Force Technologies Ltd. is combating these threats by employing key processes within AS5553, including:

  • DDI (Device Die Identification) prevents counterfeiters from changing wafer masks, identifiable as OEM.
  • CPI (Critical Parametric Identification) ensuring variants are unique to the actual device specification.
  • DMV (Die Metallurgical Verification) is optional and includes scanning, using an electron microscope to determine composite materials.

Testing and Verification

Our testing and verification processes offer several levels of parametric & mechanical authentication. Force Technologies Ltd. offers up to 6 levels of testing to verify products as original by providing:

  • Testing from Minimal DC to SMD/Military screening
  • Testing facilities confirmed as suitable
  • R&R test result reports, where appropriate
  • Bond tested, environmentally stored final product
  • Vast library of software & over 3000 test fixtures and 12000 test programs