Long Term Storage

Long Term Storage

Maintaining a stock profile of a wide range of defined semiconductors is vital to clients in Commercial, Industrial, Aerospace, Military and Space market segments. The Force Technologies long term storage service manages availability of obsolete semiconductors and electronic components, such as Microprocessors, Linear, Memory and discrete devices.

  • Class 100 cleanroom die handling facility
  • Periodic testing for known good die (KGD)
  • Flexible storage plans for guaranteed availability
  • Wafer probing at minimum and maximum working temperature before storing
  • Nitrogen, desiccated environmental options
  • Die or Assemblies presentation

Clients benefit from a low cost solution to the problem of component discontinuation. Die storage and Class 100 cleanroom handling services from Force Technologies Ltd. offer a cost-effective way to extend vital product life-cycles. Working with our clients we agree a Long Term Storage Program to include batch shipments, periodic removal for electrical, environmental and solderability testing.

Storage Environment

Our controlled storage environment managing, temperature and humidity, and is fully inert to protect die and wafer forms, to maintain long term supply.

Clients can also choose vacuum sealing options;- not needed as mentioned above. All parts can be monitored for quality and reports can be compiled on a regular basis.

Storage Scheduling

Flexible storage scheduling options enable Force Technologies Ltd. to meet ever-changing demands for final assembly. All stored items undergo periodic testing and known good die (KGD) and traceable OEM die guarantee availability for final assembly.

  • Cost effective solution for extended life-cycle needs
  • Banking helps to maintain stock profiles
  • Long term storage options up to 10 years or more
  • Low cost options for clients in all sectors

Bake and dry packaging of semiconductors, die packs and wafers; Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSDs) help to manage moisture levels and provide vapour protection; long-term stored products are all warranted according to original manufacturers’ datasheets for specific characteristics.