Yesterdays devices for tomorrow with supportability management using the “Rest Easy” program

Many Defence systems are currently fitted to platforms designed many years ago and still in use today. Complex technology has reliance upon electronic components as part of its system. Many defence contractors face the task of ensuring that components will be available to sustain these system for their out of service date and possibly far into the future. These contractors will have final responsibility to their Defence Ministry.

Force Technologies’ Solution is “Rest Easy”

These Defence companies understood that they would need to implement  an effective Obsolescence Management Strategy with a comprehensive Obsolescence Management program to maintain the system at the lowest possible cost was to be assured. Force Technologies’ task is to mitigate and to maintain the supportability of equipment until its EOL and possibly beyond. We have an excellent track record in providing expertise in the field of obsolescence through supportability management, procurement and long term storage. We are able to offer strategic advice relating to the development and maintenance of the contractors equipment. Our services include:

  • Obsolescence Strategy Co-ordinator for specialist assistance as and when required.
  • Proactive component monitoring via the Obsolescence Management protocol. This comprises a dedicated and highly experienced team of component engineers and support staff who are responsible for monitoring the availability devices on the Bill of Material (BoM) and providing regular reports on the status of these components. These devices are monitored on a traffic light system Red (critical), Amber (need for attention), Green (component), all with quarterly updates. This protocol includes standard obsolescent tools along with comprehensive manual interrogation for a maximum reliability of information.
  • The provision of secure, environmentally-controlled Long Term Storage facilities for those components which are no longer available or subject to Last Time Buys or EOL
  • Re-approval of obsolescent replacements/total redesign at component level, LRU subsystem design for Form Fit Function capability
  • Releasing contractor engineering resources
  • Testing capabilities

The Force Technologies Benefits

  • Allows ISR confidence
  • 30 years of understanding obsolescence and sustainability
  • AS9100 Quality Assurance
  • Environmental Policy protocols
  • Highly experienced engineers
  • Approved vendor partners for variances in technology
  • Custom solutions in IC components and system boards
  • Global experience in Defence and Aerospace companies
  • Authenticare™ product verification
  • Procurement Inspection protocol via Goods Inward Inspection