Die Reclamation

In situations where a compatible device footprint is not available Force can remove the die from one package and successfully reassemble the die into another package.

This is proven, technique with the empirical data available to show the finished product is as reliable and robust as the OEM manufactured device. A brief case study of one of our builds can be found below however if you would like any further information please see the downloads section of our website. www.forcetechnologies.co.uk/downloads.

Case Study

The customer required XCV800-4HQ240I (240PQFP) and we had in house stock available of XCV800-5BG560I (560BGA). Force successfully extracted the die from the 560 BGA and reassembled into a CQFP that maintained the same foot print of the original device.

The die was remapped and bond diagrams for the 240 CQFP were created. FT then tested it to the full Industrial temperature range and put it through extended life cycle testing as well as the thermal shock testing. We are still shipping product with an overall yield of over 80% for an existing military project.


New BondsNew Bonds (Close Up)