If we do not have stock available to upscreen or reclaim from, Force Technologies is able to recreate the obsolete Xilinx FPGA into an active and readily available FPGA.

Force begins with a pre-study to flesh out the various design solutions we have available for the requested device, wilst keeping in mind the key parameters the customer requires.

In the pre-study acceptable FPGA’s will be assessed and the various risks associated are explored and documented allowing the customer to make an informed decision going forwards.

Arrows from Xilinx FPGA Solutions

Once a design solution has been decided upon we will work closely with the end customer to provide prototype devices and simulations, that allows the customer to confirm the design functions in their application before moving into production.

Force then creates a test plan to verify functionality of the devices for the production lots at the required temperature and speed ranges. The devices are then fabricated, packaged and shipped to the customer ready to be dropped in as functional FFF replacement.