• Solutions to ic obsolescence

    Allowing supportability in design and sustainability for a products life cycle and beyond.

    For industries with extended product life cycle needs, Providing a continuous and sustained supply for your Obsolete Semiconductor component

  • New Design Recreation

    Obsolete OEM products that are impossible to emulate or need custom modification can sometimes be designed by FT to use in place of the original manufacturer. saving the extreme costs of board redesign. whether ic, MCM, Chip and Wire or MODULE.


    Modern FPGA’s allow replication of older devices to fit FFF into into later or different manufacturers. extending legacy life of equipment.

  • Upscreening

    Many “standard” devices are capable of extending their specifications in speed , temperature and operational parametrics. We can characterise these devices by means of extensive DC and functional test programs. With over 12,000 test programs in hand we can identify and characterise devices to suit your application.

  • DER

    DER Die Extraction and Re-Assembly FT-DER new defence approved process, is the extraction of die from any package to allow re-Packaging into any other available standard, custom or hybrid package, followed by extensive parametric and environmental testing to 100% of the original.
  • Standard/Franchised DER

    With customer approval and the absence of franchised or OEM direct donors. Special testing and FT certification processes ensure 100%  compatability to the orginal (but uncertified) P/N ensures device identification. Proven processes with guarantee of FT CofC. For clients requiring full traceability and certification from original, incorrectly packaged device, via extraction to re-assembly of ideal package and then  tested to standard 883B or custom SCD. Unique Brand P/N ensures  process quality, originality, nd strict controls through lot travellers.From Commercial to Mil-Std

  • BGA Chip Packaging/Re-Packaging and Obsolescence

    Chip and Wire. offer die packaged as BGA devices with both Lead and Lead-free solder balls of a variety of sizes. As well as FR4 based BGA substrates we can also use higher temperature materials such as Polyimide and ceramic with associated higher temperature BGA ball alloys for markets such as Military and Oil & Gas with operating temperatures up to 220 degC. see more

  • Standard Designs

    Standard designs for obsolete semiconductor replacement
    Since 1995 we have produced over 900 standard designed or adapted parts for use where the OEM parts have been made obsolete. uniquely branded as "FT" vanilla products. These devices these can be seen in equipment used for: Commercial, Industrial, Aerospace and Defence. From Commercial specifications and manufactured using MIL-STD-38535 processes and tested to MIL-STD-883 standard designs. More
  • Custom Design

    Custom Design
    Custom devices designed and manufactured, both monolithic and module or MCM for customers in the: Defence, Aerospace, Industrial and commercial markets. From diodes to processors, from simple logic or memory ics.s. From conceptual overview, through probablility designs, to final product manufacture and test with enviroment and reliability data. More