• Designing and manufacturing FFF replacements for obsoleted semiconductors. Supportability for  ic's, sub-systems/LRU's.

    For industries with extended product life cycle needs, Providing a continuous and sustained supply for your Obsolete Semiconductor or system/LRU. Whether caused by DMS (Diminishing Material Shortages) or unforseen obsolescence.

    Certified, accredited and flexible manufacturing resources guarantee the continuance & long-term supply of aftermarket products and therefore maintaining your end equipments sustainability.

  • ADR

    ADR gives cost effective sample qty and high volume extraction to harvest silicon die from any package.  Allowing re-assembly and comprehensive testing into any other available standard, custom or hybrid package. Used when only OEM die will work and/or alternate packages are not suitable. More...  
  • Space

    Destructive physical analysis (DPA) testing and up-screening to ensure delivery of EEE certified components for satellites and space craft. supplying devices from QML "V" approved vendors or Processing to Mil-Prf-38535 "V". Working together with strategic partners to satisfy the needs of the Space market. More
  • Reproduction

    Custom Design
    Ever increasing range of over 10,000+ "FT" branded devices. Custom re-manufactured or designed and manufacture to reproduce FFF devices for customers in the: Defence, Aerospace, Space, Industrial and commercial markets. From simple diodes to complex processors, from simple ic's to complex system boards. More