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Long Term Storage

Long Term Storage

Guaranteeing the future availability of long-term storage of components is the cornerstone of successful semiconductor obsolescence management.

Semiconductor ICs are vulnerable to deterioration if not stored and monitored correctly, especially if you factor in aerospace and defence product life cycles. Ensuring these products remain suitable for application when called into use is a challenge faced by many of our clients. You can read more about our long term storage facilities in our special FAQ section on the subject by clicking here…

As a value-added ongoing solutions-support service, we offer long-term storage as a stand-alone way for you to store LTBs (Last time buys) or to ensure peace of mind for current stock. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that your application critical components are secure and guaranteed for application, regardless of the storage time frame.

We offer:

  • J-STD-033 D/JEP 160 Compliant Storage
  • Periodic test review for known good die (KGD) and ICs.
  • Flexible storage plans for guaranteed availability when required
  • Wafer probing at minimum and maximum working temperature prior to storage
  • Nitrogen, Active/In-Active Desiccated Environmental options
  • Long term storage options up to 10 years or more