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With the ever-present concern of counterfeit devices entering genuine chains of supply, product authentication is critical to prevent any application risk to performance, reliability and/or safety.
Force has over 33 years of experience in the semiconductor Industry and has been actively authenticating components for over 20 years to our trademarked Authenticare™ programme. Since the arrival of the Industry standard AS6081 Force has been offering all AS6081 test levels from A through to G to our customer base.
The AS6081 Verification table can be seen below.

Goods Inwards Inspection Process

Force Technologies Ltd also utilises its in-house developed 50 point Goods Inwards Inspection Process for all incoming goods, including customer owned goods. Force Technologies Ltd. is combating these threats by employing key processes within AS5553 and AS6081, including:

• DDI (Device Die Identification) prevents counterfeiters from changing wafer masks, identifiable as OEM.
• CPI (Critical Parametric Identification) ensuring variants are unique to the actual device specification.
• DMV (Die Metallurgical Verification) is optional and includes scanning, using an electron microscope to determine composite materials.