The entire organisation supports our quality systems. Our management and our working practices follow detailed processes. Our commitment to the quality of design and manufacture is matched by our commitment to product reliability & customer satisfaction. It is the policy of Force Technologies Ltd to meet customer requirements and enhance their satisfaction with our products and overall service by operating all of our processes under controlled conditions. This policy is deployed through our quality management system that has been established, documented and implemented to fully conform to ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 RevD and customer-specific applicable law and regulatory requirements as they apply to our products services.

The system is maintained and continually improved through the setting, monitoring and reviewing of our  strict objectives, data analysis, third party auditing, disciplined problem solving, corrective and preventive actions, physical and human resource requirements, risk assessment, management review and our Continuous Improvement Plan. Changes in the governing standards and regulatory/contractual requirements are assessed and incorporated on an on-going basis. The necessary infrastructure and work environment is provided and maintained to ensure conformity to product, regulatory and law requirements.

We are committed to fostering close relationships with customers and we strive to meet the expectations of other interested parties which includes affording access by customer and/or regulatory authorities’ representatives to our quality management system and records. The organisation remains responsible for the quality of all products purchased from suppliers and sub-contractors, including customer designated sources which are incorporated into customers product and/or services.

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