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FT Custom Design

Force Technologies offers a wide range of solutions when supporting obsolete semiconductors for our customer base. One of these is a comprehensive re-creation or custom design which guarantees a form fit and function replacement.

Our redesign process starts by quoting an NRE figure and Unit cost along with a Lead time and any potential hurdles to be overcome on the design. The project starts with 33% upfront NRE payment and a further 33% when we fabricate the first wafer prototypes. Packaged samples are then provided and if the design requires further modification, we continue to provide samples with no additional cost until our customer signs off that the design is acceptable. At this point the final 33% of the NRE is paid and we move to full production where unit costs are applicable.

Some of the benefits of a custom redesign include:

• Guaranteed Form Fit and Function drop-in replacement, we work with you to ensure the design works in your application.
• Enhancements to the product can be made if required
• Guaranteed indefinite support for 20-30 years or more.
• Modern assembly techniques and all the benefits that come with it.

The main drawbacks of such an approach are the relatively long lead times. It takes traditionally around 6-12 Months to provide first prototypes for approval which makes it unviable for customers requiring and immediate solution. The NRE payments whilst split can also make it unattractive for customers who do not have the upfront project funding for such a solution.

For those wondering how our FFF redesigns work we image the original part, convert that into a GDS database, and then extract a transistor level schematic. This transistor level schematic is converted into a gate level Verilog netlist, which is then simulated, verified, and eventually turned into an ASIC. Consideration also needs to be given to any existing patents or trademarked technology which are addressed before any work begins.

If you would like any further information regarding our custom design services please contact

Ben Savage
Applications Manager