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Custom semiconductor manufacturing for high-reliability applications

ustom semiconductor manufacturing for high-reliability applications

In our modern era of advanced technology, the need for customised semiconductor solutions is at an all-time high. Sectors like aerospace, defense, medical, and industry are in need of durable components that can endure harsh conditions and operate smoothly for long periods of time. This is where a company like Force Technologies can help you with your obsolete semiconductor manufacturing. We combine over 38 years of experience in the market with high quality standards and robust testing that ensures you only get the best components for your project.

The importance of manufacturing high quality obsolete semiconductors

High-reliability semiconductors are crucial for applications where failure is not an option. These applications often involve harsh environments, critical systems, and stringent performance standards. Custom manufacturing allows for the creation of semiconductors that are designed to meet these exacting demands, ensuring longevity, durability, and reliability.

Key Processes in Custom Manufacturing Obsolete Semiconductors

Design and Development

  1. Force Technologies can offer comprehensive Re-creation or Custom design of an EOL (end of life) or obsolete semiconductor to aid in the continued support of your legacy application. Whether you require a form fit and function replacement to the original component specification or custom design where alternative options do not match your project requirement, we are available to help.
  2. When you need flexibility to accommodate your ever-changing requirements, or if the original manufacturers cannot deliver, Force Technologies has the re-creation resources to ensure continuity of supply that outlives original production life cycle.
  3. For obsolete parts, reverse engineering provides a way to recreate or improve existing components to extend the life of legacy systems.

Material Selection and Engineering

  1. Specialty Materials: The choice of materials is critical. For instance, ceramics, Silicon Die, advanced laminates, and radiation-hardened materials are selected based on the application’s environmental and operational requirements .

Manufacturing and Assembly

  1. Precision Manufacturing: Silicon wafer fabrication, die bonding, and wire bonding are performed under strict quality controls to guarantee exceptional reliability.
  2. Testing and Validation: Rigorous testing, including thermal cycling, vibration testing, and radiation exposure, is performed to validate the reliability and performance of the semiconductors .

Applications of High-Reliability Semiconductors

Aerospace and Defense

Semiconductors used in aerospace and defense must endure extreme temperatures, radiation, and mechanical stress. Custom solutions include radiation-hardened ICs and high-reliability power supplies tailored for satellite and military systems .

Medical Devices

As we have previously covered in this blog, medical devices require long-term solutions due to extensive use over long periods of time.

Industrial and Automotive

Industrial applications, such as automation and robotics, demand durable semiconductors capable of managing high voltages and power levels. In contrast, automotive applications require components designed to endure the demanding conditions of vehicle operation.

Frequently Asked Questions about semiconductor manufacturing

How does Force Technologies ensure the quality and reliability of custom semiconductors?

Force Technologies ensures the quality and reliability of custom semiconductors through a comprehensive quality assurance process that includes rigorous testing and validation. Our process involves:

  1. Advanced Testing Protocols: We perform extensive testing, including thermal cycling, vibration testing, and radiation exposure tests, to ensure components can withstand extreme conditions.
  2. Quality Standards Compliance: Our manufacturing facilities comply with industry standards such as ISO 9001 and MIL-STD certifications, ensuring that every component meets high-quality benchmarks.
  3. Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: We continuously monitor production processes and implement improvements based on testing feedback and technological advancements.
  4. In-House Expertise: Our team of experienced engineers and technicians oversee every step of the manufacturing process, from design to final production, ensuring high standards of reliability.

What industries benefit the most from custom high-reliability semiconductors?

Answer: Custom high-reliability semiconductors are crucial for several industries where performance and reliability are critical. These industries include:

  1. Aerospace and Defense: Requires components that can operate under extreme temperatures, radiation, and mechanical stress.
  2. Medical Devices: Needs precision and reliability for devices such as pacemakers, diagnostic equipment, and wearable health monitors.
  3. Industrial Automation: Utilizes robust semiconductors to handle high voltages and power levels in automation and robotics.
  4. Automotive: Demands components that withstand the rigorous conditions of vehicle operation, including temperature fluctuations and vibrations.
  5. Energy: Involves applications like power grid management and renewable energy systems, which require reliable power semiconductors.

What is the typical turnaround time for custom semiconductor manufacturing?

Answer: The turnaround time for custom semiconductor manufacturing can vary based on the complexity of the project and specific requirements. However, a typical timeline might include:

  1. Initial Consultation and Design: 2-4 weeks to understand the requirements and create a custom design.
    Prototyping and Testing: 6-12 weeks to develop prototypes and conduct thorough testing to ensure reliability and performance.
  2. Manufacturing and Quality Assurance: 8-16 weeks for the actual manufacturing process, followed by rigorous quality assurance testing.
  3. Final Delivery: The total turnaround time from initial consultation to final delivery can range from 16-32 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity and specific needs.

Force Technologies works closely with clients to expedite processes where possible and provide realistic timelines based on project scope.