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Force Technologies Long-Term Storage and Assembly Program

In today’s rapidly evolving electronics industry, managing the lifecycle of critical components is more challenging than ever. With increasing EOL notices and the high cost of last-time buys, companies need innovative solutions to maintain production without breaking the bank.

So, if a supplier told you that they could store the raw materials you need to keep you in production for the next 20 years – you would instantly think “how much is this going to cost us”? And you would be right to be worried – until now!

The traditional way of storing electronics is done at component level when a Last Time Buy is “dictated” by the manufacturer and you are forced down the expensive and stressful route of forecasting what you think you may need for the future with or without the help of your end customer, who may not even know themselves. You also need to look at the funding of these components again with or without the input from your end customer. The cost of inventory is very much a “pain point” for many contractors.

And there are companies who store product at silicon wafer level and then ship out to a 3rd party for assembly with all the risks of moving die between contractors.

What if one company could offer you a solution to your EOL (End of life) Notice or a Last Time Buy Notice that is coming up fast and strong without the financial pains? What if one company could take away the stress of future planning for obsolescence? How would you feel knowing that you had all components available for the next 10 years and that you had all the raw materials in stock at your disposal at a fraction of the cost of the ready-made part?

Well, that is exactly what the Force Technologies Ltd Long-Term Storage and Assembly Program does and we have been doing it for over 20 years!

1. We identify what the critical component in your product is?

a. This may be several components that you consider critical to your project.

2. We research it to find out what the part status actually is:

a. With our relationships forged over 38 years in the business we have access to information from most of the semiconductor manufacturers in the industry.

3. Engineering department design a replacement product for you.

a. Now this is the exciting bit – our team looks at alternative manufacturers data to find a FFF replacement which we can use.

b. They also look at alternatives that are similar, but which could be either characterised or screened to perform as your original component.

4. We then disseminate the design to the raw materials.

a. Engineering look at package drawings just in case the one we want isn’t available anymore and we need to look at a closed tool package.

b. They also check the die revisions and geometry with the manufacturers.

5. We obtain quotations for the raw materials, mainly the silicon die and the packages.

a. Operations get involved at this stage and gather quotations and payment terms and lead times for the raw materials.

b. They also look at our logistics in the storeroom regarding the free space in the cabinets.

6. We collaborate with you to help forecast the quantity you will need over what period of time. We then compare that with the wafer sizes to make sure we order enough wafers.

a. We can store for up to 10 years.

b. We can discuss funding for the raw material and scheduled payments.

c. We work on delivery schedules and lead time for package assembly.

The rest is the easy bit – we offer samples for all FT components that are supplied. That way you can try before you store.

The advantages of the Long-Term Storage & Assembly program are clear to see:

1. All value-added services covered by one purchase order to Force Technologies

2. Perfect for multi-year production demands

2. Ideal for Military legacy programs or short-term projects

3. It’s a simple stage from procurement to ready-to-use parts for flight assembly

4. It helps you, the customer with your Obsolescence management, product monitoring systems and project management

5. The program assists with inventory control for short production runs and on-time production builds

6. It takes away the possibility of your system becoming obsolete

One of our key customers faced a major challenge with the EOL notice of a critical component. By partnering with Force Technologies Ltd, they were able to:

– Identify a compatible FFF replacement.

– Secure raw materials for the next 10 years at a fraction of the cost.

– Maintain uninterrupted production and avoid costly redesigns.

As a result, they saved over $500,000 in projected costs and avoided significant downtime.

So, Lets compare the costs of all this good practice:

Traditional Methods include high upfront costs, forecasting challenges, risky component transfers and limited options for EOL replacements however in Force Technologies offers cost effective raw material storage, simplified forecasting with expert support, secure inhouse storage & assembly and of course custom FFF & screened alternatives.

In conclusion:

By choosing our Long-Term Storage and Assembly Program, clients can achieve:

30% reduction in storage costs

20% decrease in downtime

Significant savings on bulk purchases of raw materials

Ready to secure your supply chain and reduce costs for the next 20 years?

Contact us today to learn how our Long-Term Storage and Assembly Program can benefit your business.

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