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Frequently asked questions!

Day in day out at Force, we see a lot of questions launched, over in our general direction. These questions, whilst often varied due to the nature of our business (Solutions to obsolete semiconductors for those in the back) still normally fall into one of three neat categories.

These would be lead time, price and technical suitability.

We are going to be covering each of these areas in separate blog articles over the next month to shine a light on each of them. Ideally, giving our customer base a better understanding of where we sit in the huge semiconductor market and candidly telling you what we excel at, as well as where our shortcomings are (Yes, we have them).

So, regardless, if you are on line stop and need to explain to your higher ups why Force cannot magic parts into existence from some ethereal plane faster. Or perhaps you are being faced with explaining why those $30 parts you used to buy direct from a huge, franchised distribution company are obsolete and a replacement from us is triple the cost. Or if you simply want some insight, into how we take your part request and deal with the technicalities to provide a form fit and function replacement to resolve the headache you are experiencing, then hopefully one of those articles will be of some assistance.

Furthermore, we are going to be shifting gears and Ben’s blog will no longer just be written by myself but also some other staff members widening the amount of experience we can draw from.

As always, feel free to share your problem with us at or if you want to hear me waffle on some more or would like to request a topic of discussion its