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Unit 3 Garlands Trading Estate, Cadley Road, Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire, SN8 3EB UK

Mid-Year Roundup

The past year has been particularly difficult between ongoing Covid regulations and the vast amounts of allocation issues we have seen within the industry. Wafer fabricators, package manufactures, and even assembly/test houses are all stretched to their limits trying to keep up with the seemingly insatiable demand driven by the semiconductor Industry and only hampered by  staff falling ill or having to isolate periodically.

As a side note it’s certainly worth seeing if we can help act as a short or even long-term bridge as we are well versed in the current allocation issues and they are showing no signs of relenting. Thankfully in general have been fortunate and whilst we have been stung by particularly long lead times on package manufacture, we have been largely unaffected and have continued to provide our various obsolescence solutions unabated. I am very proud of level of customer support we have continued to offer this past year and the major design wins speak loudly for how well the team have handled these trying times.

In terms of Covid the English government has deemed it fit to release lockdown measures as of today.  Undoubtedly this comes with mixed reactions from the populace as we venture out to reclaim the world we once knew. Force will be continuing to operate on its own internal policies to ensure our staff and customers remain safe. The lockdown release means very little for us as a whole as we put several contingences in place early to ensure both new and current projects remain on scheduled lead times and our customer support saw no drop in performance. It does however mean that onsite visits become a possibility, and should you wish to book anything in I or one of our sales team am available to come to review your obsolescence requirements in much missed faced to face discussions.

The Force team has seen a few new arrivals both in terms of staff and little ones entering the world and I am pleased to say that we have all stayed safe and well. We all hope to continue the high level of service we have offered this past year and wish the best of health to all our suppliers, customers and their families.

As always we are here to assist in your obsolescence requirements. Stay safe everyone and enjoy the nice weather whilst it lasts.