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Reviews: The importance and the barriers:

Why are reviews useful for businesses and why are they difficult to obtain in our industry?

Reviews provide businesses with valuable insights into the needs and expectations of their customers, and can be a powerful tool for building and maintaining a positive reputation, improving search engine rankings, and attracting new customers.

The military and aerospace industry is a critical sector that relies on the use of advanced technologies and components, including semiconductors, to ensure the safety and reliability of an aircraft. Despite the importance of semiconductors in this industry, it can be difficult for semiconductor companies to obtain reviews and feedback from military and aerospace customers. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why this is and other ways Force Technologies ensure our commitment to customer satisfaction.

One of the main reasons for the difficulty in obtaining reviews is the confidential nature of the military and aerospace industry. Many companies are subject to strict non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality clauses, can make it challenging for them to provide honest and open feedback on the performance of Force Technologies components. This can make it difficult for semiconductor companies to obtain meaningful and actionable reviews.

Another factor that contributes to the difficulty in obtaining reviews is the long sales cycles in the military and aerospace industry. The procurement process can take several years, from initial design and development to testing, certification, and finally, implementation. This long sales cycle means that it can take a significant amount of time before a semiconductor company receives any testimonials or reviews from its customers.

The complex nature of our business often means we are working with many different departments, often from multiple location companies globally. There are occasions where we do receive very positive testimonials for projects we’ve helped our customers overcome, and although the feedback isn’t something we can share with our customers due to the sensitive nature of the projects we work on, these are a brilliant resource for identifying the positive processes for each project internally.

How do Force Technologies build customer loyalty?

Force Technologies pride ourselves on our strong customer relationships which is proved by the majority of our business being repeat business. We work closely with our customers to provide long-term solutions to their obsolescence issues meaning that many of our customers we have worked with for 25 years plus.

Many of our global customers review their suppliers performance via monthly scorecards. These are emailed to us quarterly. We review our supplier grading every quarter to ensure we are continually achieving the goals set out. This can support in relation to indirect reviews and allows us to focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

The importance of our AS9100 accreditation for customer assurance

As one of our core values, quality is a vital part of our business. Our AS9100 accreditation is of great importance to Force Technologies Ltd because it provides assurance that our company’s quality management system is specifically designed to meet the high standards of the aerospace industry.

Customers in the aerospace industry have unique requirements and demands that are not typically found in other industries. The AS9100 quality system provides a framework for ensuring that all aspects of our operations are aligned with these requirements, including planning, development, production, testing, and delivery.

We focus heavily on customer feedback and continuous improvement as part of our monthly quality measurements. Customer feedback is a valuable source of information that can help improve our products and services, build customer loyalty, identify opportunities for growth, and resolve issues effectively.

By achieving EN 9100:2018 accreditation, Force Technologies demonstrates its commitment to quality and its ability to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. It also ensures that we have the necessary processes and procedures in place to identify and mitigate potential risks and ensure product safety, which is critical in the aerospace industry.

For our customers, the AS9100 accreditation provides confidence that they are working with a reliable and trustworthy supplier that is capable of delivering high-quality products that meet their specific requirements. For further assurance, our customers are encouraged to look up Force Technologies on IAQG OASIS system which is an online Aerospace Supplier Information System. This online resource contains a list of suppliers who are certified under the 9100 series. From here customers can download our AS9100 certificate and additionally request a copy of our past audit reports. We are happy to provide these documents as we are extremely proud of our 5 years history with no non-conformances raised from our audits.

In conclusion, the aerospace industry is a challenging market for semiconductor companies to operate in, especially when it comes to obtaining reviews and feedback. The stringent requirements, long sales cycles, conservative approach to new technologies, and confidential nature of the aerospace industry all contribute to the difficulties in obtaining meaningful reviews and feedback from military and aerospace customers.
Therefore Force Technologies particularly focus on building long term customer relationships with high quality assurance levels to ensure our commitment to customer satisfaction.