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What is the future of the semiconductor market?

It is said that that with consistent modernization of programs and growth of semiconductors globally especially in the military and aerospace industry that the semiconductor market is predicted to double within the next 10 years.

The Military and aerospace semiconductor market alone is from $6.3 billion predicted to $12.9 billion. The increase in artificial intelligence and machinery has led to an insatiable demand for of semiconductor devices. Current estimates predict the growth of the semiconductor industry to become a trillion dollar by 2040. The chip shortage led to a decrease in supply. The demand shortage never stopped with no reduction in demand and supplies being low caused troubles. Supply slowly starts to be brought back demand will continue to increase rapidly.

The short-term effects of the semiconductor market highlight growth at least 11.8% just between 2023 and 2028. One of the biggest reasons for the rise of semiconductors is the rise in technological advancements all around the world. Especially with regards to aviation semiconductors needed more than ever before with aircraft communication systems becoming more sophisticated and with the increase of needing high performance computer capabilities in aircrafts semiconductors demand is on the increase. The world is becoming more digital than ever before this means that more semiconductors are needed increasing the demand thankfully the supply is back on the rise after a shortage.

With the rise in semiconductors that also means there is a potential that parts can be made obsolete. That means if this does happen many businesses are faced with the issue of redesigning or coming with up with a solution. Luckily Force Technologies provide solutions to obsolete semiconductors that promise to provide the most cost-effective solutions and sustainable and continuous support for our customers.