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Beyond Boundaries- How Force Technologies goes that extra mile for its customers

At Force Technologies, we’re not just a business that provides solutions but a business that focuses on building lasting relationships with our customers. With a network of strategic partners and independent reps across the globe, our aim is clear: to go that extra mile for you, wherever you are. One of the brand promises of Force Technologies is to always go that extra mile.

What does “going that extra mile mean” mean for us?

Personalised solutions: we understand that one size does not fit all. When a customer comes to us with an obsolescence issue, we take the time to understand the unique needs and requirements and tailor services to provide the most effective solution.
Transparent communication: we believe in being transparent and honest with our customers and in open communication. We aim to solve all problems that arise to us, however, on the small chance we are unable to help we make sure our customers know we have tried multiple different pathways beforehand. We keep our customers in the loop every step of the way.

What makes Force technologies different?

Our core values are – honesty, caring, quality, integrity, flexibility and sustainability. Going the extra mile isn’t just a slogan or saying but a commitment rooted in our values. Here is how some of our staff members go the extra mile.

Francesca– “In my role as operations manager it is vital that customers feel well informed of the progress of their projects. It is important for me to communicate thoroughly throughout, from order acknowledgment stage to delivery. I like to ensure that whether there is an unexpected delay or whether everything is on track, that the customer is made aware of this. I always want to ensure customers to feel comfortable enough to check in on the progress whenever they like and that I provide a prompt response.”

Charlotte– “In my job as Sales Manager, it my job to coordinate the efforts of my team and other departments such as operations and engineering to ensure the customer’s requirements are met. For me, sales is not just about seeing a part number and dollar signs, it is about truly understanding the customer’s needs and also anticipating their needs as best as I can. I thrive on working countless hours on a solution for a customer, there is no better feeling for me than knowing we have solved an obsolescence issue that is causing our customer a headache (a proxy to paracetamol). I also enjoy getting to know my customers personally, staying in touch with them, engaging in personalised interactions as well as sharing industry information and insight. Sales for me also does not stop once a part has shipped, it continues until the legacy project is no longer running; I love providing the after-sales support so many companies can lack.”

Ben (applications manager) – “Once a customer provides us with a part number, quantity, technical specification and ideally a projected forecast we will then bring to the table some options to resolve the problem at hand. Understandably creating solutions for complex semiconductor devices (often older than some of our young team members here) can be fraught with problems. Always creating headaches, stress and many expletives but challenging projects are what forms the beating heart our engineering department. Very little rivals that magic moment when a customer green lights samples and we move into full production, making all the hard work worth it. At the end of the day we are a business and businesses need to make profit but as a team we honestly feel we have a duty of care to the legacy projects we work on, taking it very personally when we are unable to provide a solution. On top of this we always ensure we offer the most cost effective technically sound solution available and if that ends up not being us then we will point our customers in the right direction.”

Jack– “Throughout my role as Logistics Manager, I do my utmost to ensure customers receive their orders within agreed lead times, all customs documentation is accurately presented to ensure minimal chance of brokerage delays, that customers are provided with a Certificate of Compliance with all orders and, of course, that the goods are delivered to a standard they expect when receiving ESD and/or moisture sensitive semiconductor devices. All incoming goods are inspected against our comprehensive GI (Goods Inspection) and stored in our temperature and humidity-controlled nitrogen storage cabinets, below 30% RH (relative humidity) until further test or processing is required. Upon shipment to our customers, goods are checked once again and packed per their ESD and/or moisture sensitive requirements, per industry standards. Customers are kept up to date with shipment status throughout the delivery of their orders.”

Karen “My role as Managing Director is, and has been for 31 years, to direct the staff of Force Technologies in the right way for their personal and business development. By giving them the support, resources, guidance and sometimes that comforting word when they are tired and frustrated to make them work hard for our customers is a key part of my job. I love it when they get together with a customer requirement and work through it – both inside and outside of the box – to come up with a long-term sustainable solution. I often see emails and messages late in the evening between key staff members discussing the intricacies of a difficult solution and I am proud of how hard they work. As a business owner my role is also to make sure that we have the financial stability to help customers fund the raw materials for the solutions we offer as their end customer is not always able to do so. I also go that extra mile to ensure that we will still be in business in 30 years’ time still making those crucial components”.

So if you want to know how a company that knows no Boundaries when it comes to customer care contact us through the website or call us on 00441264 731200.