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Chip of the Month –

Aurofighter Semi Conductor Chip

At Force Technologies, we share a passion for excellent engineering. Especially when it comes to Semiconductors. As a result, this month we thought it to take our passion for the chip to a new level. This leads us to the launch of a series of monthly posts entitled “Chip of the Month“.

Each month we will select our favourite component and demonstrate why it deserves the name “Chip of the Month“. Every chip has its own unique selling point and it is not just about looks or what function it performs. This award is given out to outstanding chips that lead the way in performance, solve a serious obsolescence issue, have been developed in our unique fashion and serve the world inside some of the best equipment.

Semi conductor Chip of the month

Over the last 35 years, our team of engineers has been hard at work developing some of the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market to help our clients solve their obsolescence issues. During our 2 week August shutdown, we spent a little time thinking about all the Semiconductor Chips that Force Technologies has created over the years for you our loyal customers and came up with this idea.

To start us off we have selected one of our all-time favourite chips. The FT3042 !!! What makes us choose this chip in particular?

Not just its beautiful gold top and excellent sealing, the fact we had to extract the die from a plastic package and find a package suitable for the application, we are obviously fans of the functionality inside and what it can do but it also has an amazing 84 legs… These chips are not found in any old washing machine, this particular chip can be found in the Eurofighter.

Have you seen anything this good in the Semiconductor chip world this year? If so let us know and we might enter it into the chip of the year awards.