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The impact of allocation on quotations and orders.

A hot topic in today’s industry is of course the impact of allocation on quotations and orders. As we’ve all seen allocation has taken its toll on prices of parts and quality of Parts, as well as being able to hold a quotation for more than a few days at a time all of which leads to a very volatile Market.

We have seen the same situation happen countless times, we receive an inquiry, we quote, then weeks go by without a customer making a decision. In those weeks, however, the stock will either sell or increase in price as happens every day in the market. When the customer then places an order weeks later or attempts to revalidate the quote.

We have the unfortunate job of telling them the stock has either sold or it has increased considerably in price. News, which we hate sharing, we of course understand the internal processes and sign-off can take a long time, but we want our customers to receive the parts that they need at a fair price. So, my message to our customers in the industry. Please don’t wait to place your orders, we don’t want you to be disappointed.