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Force Technologies MD, Karen Salmon Interviews: Charlotte, Sales Manager

Our latest video blog is an interview with Charlotte. She has been with Force Technologies for two years and has recently been promoted to Sales Manager from Major Accounts Manager. In this interview with Karen, she talks about the core values of the company and why customers come back again and again.

Karen: Why do you think our customers continue to buy from Force Technologies after 35 years?

Charlotte: I believe it is because of our core values, firstly we are flexible so we think outside the box to give customers Solutions. We can also step up to the mark on important Rush projects. Our quick turnaround times for quoting are one week, which is much shorter than others in the market.

Another favourite company value is quality. As a director of quality I am so proud of our team for consistently meeting the AS9100 standards and we also have no non-conformances in our yearly audits.

As a young person, I’ve spoken about this before, my other favourite value is sustainability. We offer long-term solutions to sustain projects so redesigns are not necessary for our customers.

The final one is of course honesty, at the moment, with allocation being tight, we have to sometimes tell our customers that die stock lead times have gone out to 40 weeks for our Solutions and then that delays assembly.

That is a part of a job I don’t like but it has to be done, and yes I don’t like being shouted out even if it is by email. I guess that’s the downside of promotion but I love the job.

To find out more about our Core Values and how we can help solve your obsolescence problems, watch more of our videos on Youtube.